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Billing Questions for HMO, PPO and Med Sup Individual Insurance 

(If you have insurance through your employer these questions do not apply to you.)

If I do not agree with the information reflected on my billing summary page, what should I do? You may use the "Contact Us" feature of the Web site to forward your questions or comments. If you are a direct pay/individual member, you may also call the Customer Service telephone number listed on your identification card. If you are an employer group, please call Member Services at 816-395-2950.

If my billing address is not correct on the Web site, how do I have it corrected? If you are a direct pay/individual member, you can change your billing address on-line by logging onto our web site or calling Customer Service. If you are an employer group, you will need to call your marketing representative and provide your new billing address.

How can I tell if my account has been billed for the current month? You can review the billing due date to determine the last bill that was generated for your account. All hard copy billing statements have the billing date information listed on the first page. You may compare this information to determine if you have a current statement. Billing statements are generated for the upcoming month. For example, a statement is generated in July for the August premiums.

How can I tell if my payment has been processed? Your payments will not be reflected on the Web site until the next billing statement is generated. If the full amount of the statement was paid, the amount in the outstanding balance field will be blank. If the full amount of the last billing statement was not paid, the amount that was not paid will reflect in this section.

How can I obtain a copy of my last billing statement? You can use the "Contact Us" feature to request a copy of the statement.  Please let us know your member identification number, mailing address, a home phone number and your date of birth.  

How far back can I review my bills? You may review only the most recent bill.

If I am a direct pay/individual member, how can I pay my bill?

You can mail your payment to:
P.O. Box 219454
Kansas City, Missouri 64121
** Please be sure to include your payment stub! **

You can also pay by credit card or electronic funds transfer or automatic withdrawal from your bank.   Please call the customer service phone number on your membership card to set up this type of payment.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City is the area's largest and only local commercial health plan provider. Our service area covers 32 counties in greater Kansas City and northwest Missouri, including Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas.
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